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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Live it all ...

I will swallow your fragrance
And breathe out ashes
Swordfight the lurking shadows
And stab through the citadels of souls
I will dig out graves of wooden crucifixes
And pour down jars of ecstasy
Devour the mist and dirt that build bodies
And float away like wanderlust spirits
I will walk on lands not yet made
And dance to tantric drumbeats
I will live it all.

Small things ...

I live off small things
Microscopic entities that roll over unnoticed
A faint tune to somewhere something
Some words accidentally heard somewhere
Or some soul of a person enjoying on a street
The wag of a tail or calls of birds
A photo of a person long forgotten
Or an old T-shirt randomly pulled out
Torn jeans that still fit
A few alphabets scribbled on a paper almost thrown away
A careless run of pens on walls from hazed out childhood
Smiles of known strangers
Greetings of old people
An untangled headphone
Or just reflections in the mirror
Small things.

Universe ...

She has made her universe in me
Between frictionless sheets
Sliding against us
And trembling hands too weak
The sighs of silence
And shameless lips
Brick by brick
She crept under my skin
And before I knew it
She made fortresses out of dreams
I did not dare to dream
And that one fine day
When the world seemed to have stopped
Stripped off of the masks and fabric
We did not make love
We just lay there
And slept off cocooned
Nothing ever felt so much like home.

Thunder ...

There is thunder in loving you
A whole new galaxy
Of elated nerves
A total absence of anything moral
Or mortal
Lack of shame and innocence
A ravishing era of ignited wounds
Flesh of screaming gasps
Some permanent entity
Burning with a fire so pure
It is cleansed
It is spotless
It is forever.