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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Only way ...

Tonight feels like one of the entities
that invisibly surge against my thoughts 
The benign presence of you
Upflowing from my blood
Boils of moving calamities 
How in the darkness 
Under a charcoaled blanket of sleepless trance 
You move and paint me with touches
Moist anxieties of the never-ending craving 
The feeling of you in the very core of me
Sketching up uncertainty 
Confusions of a mind too blank 
And a soul too full
Flutterings of a heart shaking still
Be that the only way
This aged flesh finds its long lost heaven.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Places ...

She is flesh of mystery 
People and history 
Places where I used to run
She is wired tales
Horizon marked sails
Directions I turn

She is moonlit skies
A thousand whys
Shattered crowns of rain
She is scattered mind
Bodies entwined 
Blood rushing through my veins

Savior ...

These are the nights 
Of broken letters 
Incomplete alphabets
Carved into discreet shapes 
That hold you name like wombs
Solitude of uninspired verses
Let loosely through hard bitten lips
Coffins of unuttered love sonnets 
That do not rhyme
But quiver and thirst
Of that one touch 
One kiss
One long tattered desire
That maybe 
In this blink of a lifetime 
You were my savior 

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Sad ...

I like your sad words
Sorrowful , melancholic letters of unknown magnitudes 
Despondent lyrics that hum through nightly pillows
Dismal songs buried beneath covered lips of silence 
Tragic traces of risen moons and whispers of chaos
Woeful taunts of mirrored victorious loneliness 
That spark of blue 
I like their depths.. The complicity of what you feel when you're alone and hark to yourself
Intricate details of your pieces 
They seem so alive even through the grave of your mouth.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Bones ...

I hate the bones in your closet
The way they rattle and Shake and scream
The way you turn back each time, everytime 
To put them back in proper places
The bones of dark twisted pasts
Unearthed and unnerved 
Names and fragrance of someone too far gone 
Too close
You still echo his names sometimes 
Entangled with mine
As if we grew from the same seed
One to entwine 
One to sublime.