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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Some nights ...

Some nights are different than other nights.
They make me think of you.
Maybe just a moment of laughter shared.
Or the endless talks of hows and whys and whats.
Some nights I lie down and can feel your heart beat in me.
Or the pillows still dented by your support. 
Some nights the air carries your smell.
And the sooted silence sounds like you.
Some nights the stars take your shape.
Hands curl on their own holding on to the gap that you once filled.
Some nights are longer than other nights.
They don't seem to end and they don't seem to begin.
They just stay.
Like you.
A presence of absence. 
Hollowed memories of someone or something dear.
Some nights seem like just yesterday when you were here.
Some nights are poemless and emotionless. 
Some nights are entirely you.

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