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Friday, 26 September 2014

Goddess ...

Beneath the hows and whys
Late night cursings
Meaningless cries
She sits like a trance so raw
Offerings made
Picture of awe
Chaotic mind set to ease
Still rolling on
Soulful peace
Skin of radiance shine
Remade goddess
Ever so mine.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

In soul ...

I swear i heard thunders and roars
Vibrating through every thread
Voices too loud to shut out
Touches too real to ignore
And an apparition
That took your shape
In the darkness
Only to pass through me
In longer nights
Of disdian memories. 
I have heard words not yet whispered
And known to keep you
In soul.

Gazes ...

I closely place my beats in them
These gazes from me to you
Tearing through words
Fighting for places
At the bedrock of all
And everything you make me feel
Struggling glances
Of all that I will ever
Fail to say
Because we are infinite
And words were never enough.

Road ...

This was just another road
That looked familiar
With the known bends and turns.
But my fingers held
All the difference.
My own heartbeats
In her breaths
And touches that held fire
Braiding of bodies
And flesh that held us as one.

Inseparable ...

Kisses like drops
That trickled within the cracks
Body and soul
Some old wind that gushed past
Heartless and cold
Try and fill now
All fractures
Holding me in
Freeze together
Thaw together
You and me

Here within ...

Soothe my nerves
Here within
You my reason
Of being
Calm my turmoil
Here within
Soul to soul
I lean
Touch my spark
Here within
Weave togehter
As we
Blaze me apart
Here within
Pour you
In me.

Home ...

Her eyes were all the shelter i needed
And her arms seemed like home
Carefree blinks in my way
And breaths that were my own.
Tangled fingers in her hair
Flesh on flesh we stay
Lips on mine spilled still
Gazes in her way.
The dreamy touches of kisses soft
Of starry nights and skies
One blanket shared and homed
And time that never seems to fly.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Reasons ...

I could live on the subtlety of us
And draw in breaths of you
With hands that knot as one
And hearts that closer grew.
Foreheads calm silenced within
Lips on lips we stay
Hips to hips we fight for words
Kisses for words to say.
Dance tonight hand in hand
We'll sway our path away
All the permanence i find in you
All my reasons to stay.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Ranting ...

I have ripped apart my soul
For peace
And seclusion
For the ony thing
That could bring me ease
I found you.