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Friday, 29 August 2014

A letter ...

Flashing lights and blaring sounds
Blinked passes of time
A letter to whoever it may concern
Words to a love of mine.

Empty barrels of eternal flow
Bleed and conquer it will
I write to you with love sowed
Read and shudder your still.

Patterns broken and jointed again
Pages creased and old
Turn with love this letter soft
Read a story untold.

Not a soul to speak out loud
Not a shadow in the dark
A letter of jumbled words
Of suppressed shouts and harks.

I call to you with paces slow
Touches that forget to leave
Letter that holds the fragrance
Of fingets knitted and weaved.

Reflection ...

Mute trails of phantom pasts
The bland senses of touch
Dried hands of longing much
Hanging strings of us
Broken mosiacs of you and me
Glued by distant smiles
Floating airy kisses soft
Your eyes reflected behind mine

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

First ...

That moment of first spark
First light in the first dark
Numbers that filled the room
Eyes that met too fast too soon
Voices hushed and rather soft
Whispers screamed and silenced not
Strange faces with rocky shores
Stranger knowledge and so much more
Distance between unknown souls
Distance still, us incomplete whole.

No matter ...

No matter you
No matter me
No matter the lifeless everything
The collision of sparks
And flames be renewed from them
Heavy eyes of cradled slumber
No matter crossroads.
We are here, alive, knotted, one.
That is all and everything.

Map ...

A lifetime spent searching
In every loose breath
In every unnoticed inspiration 
Spent trying to grasp
That one first
Of what I might look like
Through you
From this mirrored view
Glass of stray drops and vapour mosaic
Your reflection held the map
To me.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Bleh !

I fell for you the moment I saw you.
Two strangers in two different corners
And somehow I knew
I was ready to battle worlds
To have you next to me.
All this time and never did my eyes
Once wander
To any direction
Other than you.
Even before lips parted
For first words
I fell in love.

Sanity ...

I am but parts remaining
Of a long time down seconds
Burnt and consumed bits
Of some long lost soul beckoned
Languishing days that have moved sultry
Of parched pavements longing
I be born of those and more
Thirst more from wanting
Dabs of black on pages of white
Of tired fingers that remain
Treading depths ever not known
This the sanity in our insane.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Particles ...

I have spent my entirety
Waiting and drowning
To reach the base
Where all this began.
The very foundation
Where this insatiable thirst
Once dried
Has now overflown.
Where we've crashed together
With cracks and fissures
And burst for ever more.
I am still searching for the bedrock
From where whole pieces of us
Have weathered for far too long
To dust out to nothing

But inseparable particles. 

Friday, 1 August 2014

Every ..

I will bear proudly
Every crease and fold
Made at every bend in my spine
On pages old.
Taking all the useless ink
That blotted carelessly within
On every groove
And every seam.
Remembering every word
Scratched out and tore
Hundreds said
Two hundred more.
When all that I wanted to overflow
Never found a river to channel through
And every inch that
Made home in you.

Only Separation ...

Lean closely now
Not stirring,not shaking,
Hands clasped onto bare skin,
This way i draw you close.
This way the only separation remains
Of skin.
Hold tight till the stars have moved
Long enough for the night
To break off
Let the only separation remain
Of sheets.

Tired ...

Im tired of them all
Combinations of wordd
From varied lips describing you.
Im tired of empty spaces
Pretending to be you.
I discard them all
Every last dot
And i will not stop 
Till this air holds
All of you.
Till i am choked with you,
Still gasping for more.