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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Apologies ...

Hold closely and tightly those fingers to my lips
And let unsaid apologies for words not murmured
Rain down your wrist.
Drop by drop, let them crash like crowns.
These lips have parched from the heat of all things
That this tongue never could say 
And words, like empty treasure chests, remain,
Remain hidden deep in this soul. 
This body had always awaited for your gypsy being
To come help me find me.

Ranting ...

Let's throw our bodies back
and inflame it
and be at peace. 

Ranting ...

The way this one umbrella houses
Every speck of completion
In the way we are wrapped up
As one body.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Random Poem 20 ...

People were many
Us, but one, 
Lips were there
But kisses none.
Empty were we
Till us we found,
Faded away the world
Without a sound.
Woven together like threads
Stood there we,
And all we could stammer
Were words three.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Ranting ...

The way you twist and turn 
And fit so much of you within my fingers
And all that is left out
Makes me miss you so much.

Lighthouse ...

Reach out with you hands and stretch those long creased fingers as far as they can go. It does not matter if they fade and burn out in the horizon. You've been standing here with patient feet and the struggle through every turmoil is carved like magic on you.
Time has been witness to the youth you've carried so valiantly within you all this while, the way it had always outshone every silver lining that cracked through the clouds. The soil you stand on house all your secrets that you have treasured, carrying the weight of all words that ever missed to trickle from your lips.
I sail to you from this sea of long forgotten belongings.  This sea of messed up patterns spread uniformly across everything. Amidst all these fumbles and fogged nothing, stand proud. Stand tall like the lighthouse you've always been and I will sail my way safely to you.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Ranting ...

You feel like all of purity
The way your radiance
Feels purer than purity itself.

Random Poem 19 ...

Sleep in me while the world goes awry
A cold night is yet to come
Make this one bed your reasons many
To share the night with words none.
The only sound that will remain
Is that of our bittersweet breaths
You've aged alone for a long time now
Share this night with me instead.
We'll scream and shout without a single word
Leave all this silence behind
With crumbling withins we'll speak our soul
In each other,  each other we'll find.
The break of dawn is far far away
Do stay the night with me
The weight of hollowness it grows heavier
Fill me a little with it if you please.
I no longer wait for morning to come
This night is all that we need
The way it blankets us in one
It is all there is and all that needs to be.

Greeting ...

This earth and the way it greets us with its drenched self. 
The way it knows to quietly break the news of the
Drops that had been crashing all night
On its thirsty body, after a wait a bit too long.
While we were dreaming away in some world unreal
How it went lunatic with splashes of it getting mixed up.
This chill that it brings along
As proof of all the wildness that it was witness to.
The way is comes on tip toe
Planting soft kisses on your skin
And you shuffle a bit more tigher to me.
Legs entwined under this one blanket
And the way your head rises and falls on my breathing.
The world outside is dripping nothing but green
And the way the morning sweeps away
Every last bit of everything
That loved it less
Than the rain that danced on it.

Grooves on hands ..

These grooves on our hands and how they know exactly how to find their grip on each other. Lost highways on the little universe they call home and how they fool us with fables of fate and destiny. Like carefree  cobwebs in some forgotten corner, these have aged with us every moment and slowly shifted routes with time. I've seen them blush on your touch and smile as they bend to take you in.
How cleverly have they expanded and extended and intersected each other leaving trails of exposure.
Watch these lines as they carve in fates and root deeper into the palms that have housed them and all the weight they claim to carry.
All the different ways they tangle up to form alphabets of you.

Random Poem 18 ...

Dandelions in air and all the wishes they carry
Longing lips and the soft blows
Up they go, afloat and free
Where they'll land no one knows.
Will wishes get mixed up
And no longer remain mine
Will someone else get all of you?
Or might it get lost in the crowd
Will I then have to wish anew?
Or will the seeds disperse far
And bring you home to me
I sit here with hope on my lips
Blowing dandelions free.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Ranting ...

Fall with me,
Eyes closed, body shivering,
Into this vast everything.

Random poem 17 ...

Let's go back to the haunt of nights
And clouds rolling in
Back to the nights when werewolves cried
And the earth standing still.
Let's go back to the very first time
Of all that there is
All that made you and me
All that there ever will be.
Take my body and keep it safe
I give myself to your bliss
Let your scent linger in my bones
Let me for the last time taste that first kiss.

We are ...

We are not made up of clich├ęd words that drip so smoothly every time we part our lips, nor are we quotes that have rugged from repetition. We cannot be compared to the commons of the world and its way of rejuvenating in the same way time after time. We cannot be written on papers flicked over with licks of everything that has forever existed and neither can we be found lingering where others already exist.
Sometimes it is like we don't even belong here and we keep on wandering about without a map to reach a destination we have not even a picture of. And yet, sometimes, it is as if this world mirrors us with all of its fire.
We are constructed not of screams and thunders but rather of silence and shh. Of all wordless emotions and all that is not found among crowds. We are born of stillness that has silently snaked its way through our bodies and filled the gaps in us that were ever vacant. We are made of mid oceanic storms that the common eyes have yet to see. We are made of empty pages that letters don't belong with and empty quills that have long finished its share of euphoria. 
We are made up flesh and blood and breaths that can blend only into each other and stay still, indiscriminate and of halved lives that if taken from one will burn out from the other.

Friday, 23 May 2014

These eyes ...

I see these eys and think of all
the wonders it has seen.
And all the many times
It has been kissed by
Your soft presence.
How in surprises, your hands
They cupped them and opened
To your joyous beaming.
How they've spent nights awake
Reading every single speck of dust you are made of.
These eyes, and how they always know
To draw the curtains
When your lips find their way home
To mine.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Random poem 16 ...

You and I, like broken ceramics,
Not knowing which piece belongs to whom.
You and I, like the the fabrics of us
Upon which we are sewn.
You and I, the fields of colors
And the soft touches of hands,
You and I, trees on some summit
Coiled up and tightly rooted we stand.
You and I and the world forgotten
This silence and this hush.
You,I, I, You,

Ranting ...

Fingertips soft like velvet
Kisses hot like the first sip of coffee
Sunlight on your face like an offering made
This way we wake up in each other,
Every morning I get to love you more.

Spirits ...

We were never so complicated as the world portrayed us to be.
Like a blending of cocktail, we were made up of ingredients common. But we were swirled and shaken and mixed in the most perfect ratios.
A pint of you with a pint of me with and that was all it took. We were really just spirits subliming until someone lit our concoction on fire. The flames we made were even simpler, there was no you or me, just us, alight and oh what a sight! We smoked and rose and when finally free from the vessel containing us, that was when we curled up in each other and with tenderness lifted each other and faded out into the blue.
We were just spirits before and if not for the fortunate one who set us alight, we would still be contained.

This one call ...

This is what I want to fill the gaps that separate us. This one call when everybody's home, tucked in beds like children. This one call that is made up not with words but silence. Silence born from all the things that have yet to fit in with combinations of alphabets. This one call where there is no sound other than us breathing and the gradual collapsing of the miles. This one call on this one lonely night and the ghostly presence of your muffling sheets beside me.

Random poem 15 ...

Be the paper on which I spill myself
Drop by drop and ink by ink
Be still as dabs of me
Blot and spread and in you sink.

Ranting ...

I have felt the world vanish.
A fading of this followed by a fading of that
And gone.
I have felt it diasppear when I draw you near
And just stand there.
No kissing. No hands.
Just forehead to forehead.
And the feeling of being whole,

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Heaven ...

I was never so dead as I am alive now. One bench, you and me. We care not for the coffee going cold and we care not about the unknown stares. We were born from the same dust and this moment was destined. We care not to keep track of time or count the leaves that fall like snowflakes. The sky is aging with us and we care not to think about the dawning dusk. We care not about the different shapes that float overhead or of the many feet that pass us by. I finally know how a lost soul feels on finding the shore he had been searching so desperately all his life for.
We care not about the world or the way it races about mindlessly. Fingers braided together and your lap my pillow.
I know now what heaven feels like.

Random poem 14 ...

Touches like bloodstains left all over me
And kisses like blades that pieced me into two
One part you took as yours to keep
The other still alive loving you.

Ranting ...

Just words they were
Until they came from you
Oh! what wonders mere words can do!

Random poem 13 ...

Come as you will
Guarded and bouldered
Or wild as the oceanic flow in you
Come with screams and whispers
Carrying words unsaid
And I'll echo back
I love you too.

When the universe talks ...

There are no words in my mouth for you, no lightnings  and no thunders.I cannot credit myself to the blushing hues that spread all over you.I cannot bloom all the life that breaths through you. I cannot fill your body with the bouts of energy that spark from every inch of you. I cannot give you flames and neither the silhouetted presence of stars.I cannot give you symphonic compositions of life forms. I cannot give you echoes of beating drum rolls. I cannot give you the life that has been burning within you since forever.
I cannot give you anything that was always yours to begin with. Always yours to evolve with.
I live to feel you breathe through me; my breaths belonging to you. I live to kiss you in every place you ought to be kissed and feel supernovas explode like bombs in me. I live to see you bloom. Spread your wings and spin across my unimaginable nothing. I live to hear the noisy whispers coming from your soil, flowing through your veins; everything and everyone being alive in you. I live to see you sing and dance with joy for being the only one living amidst my dead being.
 I live to see you live.
You are my earth and you make me infinite.

Random poem 12 ...

The past is an archive of frozen moments
Every single moment of falling in love with your soul
I fall for you again, here and now,
I'll fall for you tomorrow and forever more.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Ranting ...

I watched the wind dance in your hair
Watched the sky blush to sleep
And I watched your smile.
That was what I loved the most.

This city ...

This city. With its many heartbeats and hauntings. Of grounds lit on fire and dried trees with its uncountable accounted lover names carved. Roads dry and wet, of millions of bit of broken words and promises. Buildings of concrete and the monochromatic roadways with their trails of star dotted car lights. Flashlights and headlights and all the universal sounds. Cries and laughs, screams and whispers, noises and silence. Graveyards surrounded by so much life. Colors everywhere. Hoardings of neon and leaves lit up by some unseen unknown light.Tattooed pavements, of footprints and tyre marks and a few hurting cracks here and there. Strangers and known ones. Families, glued with emotions and smiles. Fingers curled into each other's. And you.
Home in a home.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Ranting ...

You were the lunatic wind
Who could not be contained
And I, the curtain,
Alive only when I danced along with you.

Ranting ...

Soft kisses like dew drops
placed with utmost care on dreamy eyes
I watch the day blush and wake up
through you.

Ranting ...

I chased you till my feet were tired and could chase no more.
It was long before I realised you were the never ending blue
And I the ignorant cloud who never knew.

Random poem 11 ...

Take away the bandages and leave behind the bruises
Every fissure and every breakage you hold
Let yourself not shine through yet another night
Leave behind the scarred creases of every fold.
Dance under the moonlight with your exposed and dripping wounds
Feet leaving bloodstains on every place they fall,
Waltz with me as I fall for each single crack you house in your soul
Watch me as I bleed from them and love them all.

I remember ...

I remember the muffled sound of clothes being carelessly thrown to the floor and the rustling sound of leaves in the dried air of the afternoon. I remember the solidarity that we were surrounded by and shirts, like flowers being plucked off our skins. I remember the smell of your hair and the still traceable fingerprint you left behind on every single cell of mine. I remember the fulfilling of every single vow we never made and the sound of us gasping for air.

I remember the world going apocalyptic still and then bursting into flames as we lazed around making silent love. I remember tender kisses being planted with glances and the unfastening of desires that spread achingly though us. I remember synchronised heartbeats and the exploring of worlds undiscovered. I remember feet tangled up like knots and fingers knitted together. I remember the feel of your flesh on mine and the resting of you on me.

I remember spending eternity coiled up and carved together. I remember warm bed of intimacy and cold perspirations of drugged wants. I remember the silent crashing of your waves on my shore and clenched fists on each other's back. I remember mirages on your flat belly and your drunken intoxicating gaze.

I remember gunshots of you piercing my skin and the dimming of lights as we lay like dead individuals alive in togetherness. 

Random poem 10 ...

Trade I will, these feet for roots
And plant myself carefully next to you.
If age I will and age I must
Will you age with me too?

Stand still ...

Stand still and wait while I shed off
Every piece of me that is not your
Ghostly apparition.

Stand still and watch our graces combine
And cradle themselves 
To soundless slumbers.

Stand still and feel the shadows
That we've carried for so long
Merge and collapse at the
Feet of our explosion.

Random poem 9 ...

This quietness you stitch on you skin
And blanket all of yourself with
To keep steady your feet in this maddening spin
Let me be it.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Ranting ...

These fingers so spent from the slithering over on papers
With words and symbols
This throat still choked from not saying them out loud.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Nights ...

They are not just nights filled with your essence, they are so much more.
They are the bearers of the light that shines right out of you.
Thay are soldiers with bloodied hand that protect and blanket you with the silence that fills your soul.
They hold the dug up graves of all the words you've swallowed. 
They nurse your intimate desires like children of their own womb.
They start wars against every single thorn that ever tries to prick the way your thoughts race.
They are the guardians of everything pure in you.
They are the lighthouse that guide your unconfined imagination
They are paths that pave your journey.
They are the signs I follow to find my way home to you.
No, they are not just nights.
They are shooting stars upon whom I place my endless wishes and watch each one of them be fulfilled in you.

Ranting ...

Destiny? Shall we name it destiny
This most fortunate collision
Of our galaxies?

Random poem 8 ...

Fine silver cracks of me
Blaze through your infinite entirety
Burn with me for a blink of an eye
I'll leave you without scars or marks
And leave you wanting more of me in your sky.

Ranting ...

I floated over the limitless sphere
In the hope to reach your horizon
But could never find the point
Where we ended.

Ranting ...

Slash my veins and free yourself,

Every drop echoes with your roar.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Ranting ...

That barely audible whisper of my name
Coming from you fisrt thing in the morning
I wake myself to that.

Ranting ...

Does this grey dryness not scar your sensitive soul?
Come away to the wilderness,
For this is the womb from which
Every grain of nature is bore.

Ranting ...

You are the north star burning with ravaging flame
And I, one of the many souls following you to find our way home.
It's magic how I always find you with me.

Come ...

Come loudly, silently, dancing on tip toes when the moon is full. Come heed my invitation. We'll make this night chant our names. Come, the sheets await your tenderness. I'll carry you with all the strength I have and with every step we'll make million dreams come true. Let's curl ourselves up in the skin of ours and share the drops that form on them. Will you be the whisper which every minuscule piece of me beckons to? We've grown tired of the meaningless ticking of time and I see the weariness in your eyes. Where every touch heralds a new awakening, let's go there. Slide on the avalanches of our passion. Come, we'll make childish love and break every fence and wire that ever surrounded us. We'll start a new road at every dead end, for beyond every road of yours is a road that leads to me. Come, we'll find each other again, anew, raised on clouds and surrounded by all that we feel. Come, let's feel together all the ice cold emotions that have been dormant in our souls. There is no destination and we have no where to go. You've been so dead in the world, come, be reborn in me. With chilly breaths I'll whisper your name on your skin and watch you tremble with fiersome pleasure. No, we will hush, not make even the faintest sound. The only sound will be that of us colliding and our atoms being spread far and wide. We'll meander aimlessly till we reach the point of no return and from there we'll build new paths. Come, lose yourself in me, for tonight's the night when the moon is full, the sky of unknown heights and us inseparable. Come, it's time for us to whore a little more, it's our time when you and me merge irreversibly into we.

I want ...

That old t-shirt that you've had all your life. The one in which you cuddle yourself to sleep every night.
I want to be as close to you as that.
I want your warmth seeping through every thread that makes me and I want your scent to slowly drip all the way down to my innermost destination.
I want to be a spectator of all the wildest things that spins through your head and I want to audience all the dreams you dream.
I want to feel your wholesome innocence being shared through me.
I want to be the secret that you keep to yourself because you don't want the world to know how raw you can be.
I want to be crisply crumpled by you and the weight of all the wisdom you silently carry.
I want to be all that to you.
I want to be the answer to all the questions you ask yourself.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Random poem 7 ...

Wonder it is, sheer wonder, how a petty pebble of me
Gets to sink down blissfully
Into the vastness of your sea.
Of sparkling waters and purities
I drench in you, every smallest crack I bear
Will I stay whole at the bottom of your sea bed
With the oneness that we share.

Ranting ...

I could write about me and write about you.
Would there be a difference?

Random poem 6 ...

Ever felt our outlines merge

Into the shadows that we are

Blend into curves of unknown horizons

Lights illuminating the halos and washing out scars.

Ever felt our silhouettes burning

Into ashes, sand and dust

Does some lonesome world hold the power

To distinguish you and me from us?

Random poem 5 ...

Count my breaths that begin with your whisper

And you'll be counting all of me

Watch as they mix together, yours and mine,

Silent, selfless, free.

Random poem 4 ...

Will you wait while I gather the strength to walk
Breathlessly in awe with you?
Through unmade roads born of dust
Through which have walked few.

Chaos ...

My veins throb with the sense of you flowing through me, hot like lava and molten like magma. I feel chills flowing down through the course of my spine as our skin raise up in goosebumps that touch the mountain top of our ecstacy. We crawl and snake together under the ocean of blankets and let out breaths heavy with the relief of worldly tensions. I want nothing else, I want this, you, so raw in every inch and our flesh becoming one. We stay blind with eyes shut closed, finding ourselves in the loop of each other's arm. Such warm embrace, such thundering spirits and we shake with the earthquake of our beings. I beg you, please hold me tight for I might get so lost in you that it might become difficult to find a way out. But, do I want out? What would remain of me if not for you discovering the life in every cell of mine? I exhaust myself with the repeated diving into your deepest depths. It is a shivering joyous pain in us and the breaking of every dam that ever embanked the limits of our spreading universe. The bed grows jealous of the births we spend together again and again and the collapsing into the sheets of every last drop of energy. Squeezed out and churned up like a storming tornado, we fall lifeless still. Do we still exist in the same universe as we did while we created chaos with every move of ours? Because everything is calm and composed now. The violence gone. Heartbeats like rapid hummings, so fast it scares us to pale white glows but we glow still. Your glow is now mine as mine was forever yours. This stillness embarks splinters of the fire we awoke a while before, that is now going cold. You break down in tears and every drop that crashes to the palm of my numb hand, heralds the arriving of a new storm, one with fiercer rage and one that will omit everything mortal in its way. I long for that storm in you for it is through that storm from which every atom of my universe is born again, through lifetimes infinite.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Random poem 3 ...

I will lie in peaceful slumber

Murmuring your name in my sleep,

Through the distance of broken paved roads

Our breaths they match up in synchronicity. 

I often wonder ...

I often wonder, does she know how the night finds its peace amidst the cities cacophony when she silently falls asleep. How her face lights up in her dreamy world, in the mid road of her consciousness and unconsciousness. Of the utopian fantasies in her slumber, and how they manage to make her look so serene and beautiful as the stars sing their unheard lullabies. How slowly and wholly her smell is spilled thoughout the sheets we lay covered in and how it insists on lingering for those difficult times when she's not around. Does she know how her messed up hair falls on her face and how her nose twiches as I carefully tuck them back. Or her sudden sleepy humming, half awake and half asleep. Does she know how tirelessly her naive soul glows or how the slight curving of her lips in content and peace makes the world brighter even in the darkness. Does she know how she holds on to me with her loosening grip and how it binds us into one. I can sit up all night looking at her and with every passing second I could tell myself a thousand times why we are the way we are and this is how we are meant to be. Wrapped up in each other, woven together like the fabrics of the sheets we lay covered in. Like the smoke of the only candle that burns, curling together into one and dancing away while the world is busy running in its own pace.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Random poem 2 ...

Countless pains I've seen being endured,
With a chained heart and a whipped mind.
I beg you, let me die a little more in you,
And I promise I'll wake up alive.
I'll slave for myself and not for the world,
Till my last breath is free,
We'll lay in peace with our ravaged souls,
Let me die in you and you'll forever live in me.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Random Poem ...

Elixir of my life, you are the drug I shoot
Of tripping ecstacy and high spree,
I call to you with dug up addictions,
Wait a while as our beings twist and turn,
And I will learn the rhythm  of your slumbering heartbeat.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

I have spent lifetimes wanting you ...

You are to me what the death of a star is to the universe; the most raw root of existence. I look at you with wordless sentiments and feel the spinning around of every planet in my belly. Like old pages of an excavated book with unidentified manuscripts, that is how I percieve you to be. Of cavemen times, I have loved you since, and watched every wrinkle develop on your soul. These are permanent marks of the many lifetimes I've spent wanting you, entire lifetimes sometimes being spent in a second and sometimes a second equalling our entire birth. I have felt our roots tangle with each other in intimacy and not wanting to let go and I've seen you dance with joy for every leaf you bore. I've bled with every fall of yours and watched your lunatic happiness, and I've loved you in the gaps between each second. You are like a dusty old novel, enchanting majesty in every page, of times that unknowingly came and went by, and I was there wanting you still. I've felt your presence when everything had stilled out and I've watched you grow, with tired rugged hands wiped a few tears that might have been accidentally unconsciously spilled, and had a few of mine wiped as well. I was there wanting you while you were flirting away with every season that came by. I stood still, and when it was all calm and silenced, we still had our roots tangled up and you rested on me as I softly hushed you to sleep. I've spent lifetimes wanting you, I shall spend lifetimes wanting you more.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Flame ...

There was always this flame you carried within you, a flame you were so blissfully unaware of. It was like a part of you you loved to deny. Sometimes, I think, that you acknowledged it so well that maybe that was the reason why you never let anyone past those concrete walls you had up around you all the time. And today I stand a proud soul with fortunate burns within me, as proof of being the adamant moth to make it to the core of you, through the most scenic route there ever can be. To make it to your core through every cell of your body. Through every crack concealed by the radiance and every feeling in the making. I've seen them all. Every naked detail of your soul your tried to hide under the blinding shine and every broken piece you thought you had mended so well. I have traced every fracture in you and put every puzzle piece completing you and with every touch I have been inflamed myself. In our reflections, I have seen our flames tangle and flicker and combine and dance in the most ecstatic way imaginable, sending out auras all over. I have felt us burn with calmness and be left with scars that matched each others. I have seen you look at me with thankfulness for making it all the way througnh and sharing the pain. And with every breath we shared, you've set me on fire again and again.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

I want ...

I want fresh mornings to start in your calm presence. Just you and me and the lingering of our love making, concealed by the night, like sealed letters from some secret lover which is read over and over a thousand times, each time anew. You are like the sky at dawn. Splashes of vivid shades of orange and red, one so distinct from the other and yet how smoothly they blend in. And every time I look at you, I have to remind myself to breathe, and every time I look through you, I find myself finding countless ways to love you for the countless reasons I love you. 

I want evenings draped in your silhouette, your touch spilling crimson through my dusk. Evenings spent lazily lost within each other as the sun bids adieu for the day and stars, a million stars peep out of the sky, and I watch them be reflected from you. Like a distant world housed in them; your eyes gaze blankly at mine, heavy with the weight of unspoken things. How they spark and thunder with the life so violently you suppress inside of you, like a volcano. And everytime we kiss, oh I swear I feel your subconscious outburts explode through every vein that couse my body.

I want you, entirely you.

And I need nothing more.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

There is one thing you should know ...

There is one thing you should know. 

How I can still feel your eyes upon me, like stabbing knives cutting through my flesh and with every ripping apart of my skin, you bleeding out. How I can just stand like a rock and feel my soul flow out of me like an untamed river upon your looking. With no resistance offered, how every last drop of emotion you manage to drain out of me while I just stare back at you staring back at me.

Oh that look! soundless words, innumerable as the stars filling up the sky, long dead from the wait for them too shine upon mortal world and yet with that one glance you feel in every atom of your body, every minutest burst of energy that has caused it to traverse the universe before ending up in front of your gazing eyes. How helpless you leave me feeling with every touch of yours, like a million war being fought inside me. I lose. I win. I conquer and I am left defeated. With numerous kingdoms lost in me for battles fought with so much passion that it sets my blood on fire and I burn in soothing flames of you and in it I find my redemption.