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Monday, 24 March 2014

Heart beats ...

I still remember that first moment when suddenly, out of the blue I realized what you truly meant to me

That one glance and I knew the lengths I would go to keep you safe. 

Memories they have become. Distant yet permanently etched in me. Coming back not in flashes, but rather staying like a constant wave, always there, flowing, sometimes even crashing so hard on the shore of my being that it sends out bittersweet slpashes of you all over, drowning me in you.

And everytime my heart beats, I feel you rise in me, a turbulent dance, with no calm and so much passion. Non submissive rage. 

For it is then, through every single beat, that you are most active in the deepest of my soul, wholly anchored to you.

For it is then that I feel your presence. Like dim lights in the bright of day. Outshone. But every inch of me knows, it is into you I will fall lifelessly when the day has gone by...

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