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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Remembering those days ...

So, let me tell you, this isn't something that I wrote. I got it from a friend and thought it was definitely worth sharing. Hope you enjoy. :)

Waking down memory lane... Going back to the time when, 

Once choosing the color of a sketch pen was a tough task.

Occupying the window seat in the school bus was called obsession.

Getting a toffee as a birthday treat from a friend made our day. 

Being the first one to finish copying from the blackboard was the ultimate moment of pride.
Hiding the answers from a bench partner during exams was not called selfishness.

When homework was the only torture & finished it soon, so could get some extra time to play.

Early to bed, early to rise was life's mantra, but how we loved sleeping late and having some extra TV time!

Owning a cycle was like owning everything.

To look good was only to wear our fav dress frocks for girls n half pants for boys.

We didn't need FB or a phone to keep in touch!

We thought all elders are ideal, when Daddy was the only hero and Mom was the only Best friend."

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Those random thoughts that take over every inch of your brain sometimes...

So, don't you just love days when you can laze around and do nothing? Get up anytime you like and sleep anytime you want, without caring how many hours you stay awake? Think about circumstances you'll probably never ever face, think of the actions you might take if ever they happen. Or maybe go back to old conversations and think of really clever and witty answers you could have given instead of the dumb replies you actually gave. Imagine how the world would turn out to be if ever you got superpowers (I'd personally love to have the power of invisibility). Maybe even think about what you'd do if you ever won a huge amount of money in a lottery. Or maybe just turn your philosophical mode on and ponder over the deep things of life, ask those really mind-boggling, extremely philosophical questions about life and love and death and come up with really impressive answers and think "jeez, why didn't I ever think of that before? I'm a genius. I should become some famous person and start spreading these words of eternal wisdom around!" ... Or maybe just not worry about eating healthy or following any schedule about your calorie intakes, forget that the world exists and, you know, just laze around...

Ah, that is what I'd describe as heaven. Of course, my heaven would come fully equipped with a lot of other accessories; high calorie food (those are the tastiest, almost satanic if you ask me ;) ) drinks, especially coffee with whipped cream and ice-cream, tons and tons of chocolate,  a good movie collection, my playlist, episodes from my favorite shows and cartoons, a super comfortable bed and about 3 super soft pillows.

Yeah, these are the kind of thoughts you'll get when reality is kind of haunting you with exams knocking at the door and your enthusiasm to study level being absolutely 0. Also, when it's midnight and all your brain can think of is KFC and McDonald's and Cafe Coffee Day and Pizza Hut and every other luring eat-outs there is. Call me a pig but I bet that happens to everyone once in a while and honestly, I think it's healthy. At least it proves that you still have the capability to process the good stuff around you even when your head is super-saturated with bio-physics and chemistry or whatever serious thing it is that you spent your day doing!

Well, I'm going to go, sit up till as long as I can keep my eyes open and dream away about the tempting things that have already started to block up my thinking abilities.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

The beginning...

So, I'm not really much of a writer. As a matter of fact, I don't write at all, for the simple reason that I lose track easily. I start writing with some theme and by the time I finish it, it lands up in a whole different theme altogether. It's almost like google-ing gadgets. I mean, you start with looking at subtle things like maybe headphones and before you know it, you are scrolling through really high-end phones, priced so lavishly that you just scroll a few more times before you finally conclude that you have  gained enough knowledge about stuff you can never even think of buying. 

Well, as per the rules of being civilized go, before I start off with the most random blabbering, I ought to introduce myself.
My name is Irina but no, I am not Russian. I did try learning that language but I guess you can't pile on extra courses when you are doing your graduation under Calcutta University (no offense!). As of now, I am a normal teenager with the regular teenage confusions and blah blah blah, yeah you all know how it is. I am, uh, literally in love with snakes or any reptile as of that matter (yep, you read it right). I am a hardcore environmental science student and I do do my bit to make the Earth more green and more sustainable. In all honesty, I don't know what I am good at. I mean, I absolutely cannot sing (I get an ear-bleed hearing myself sing), I cannot dance (except for those rowdy street dances which every bengali can do), if i draw an apple, it looks more like some highly mutated rotten fruit instead, I click decent photos though, atleast worthy enough to be backed up in some folder which i hardly ever view and writing, well, you've already got an idea about how much I suck at this. So basically i'm yet to find that out, but I guess i'll get there sooner or later.

Simple, because I am jobless. Just kidding. But not entirely! I am blogging because right now even this seems better than studying, you know what they say, when you sit to study, even staring at the walls become interesting. Also because I think everyone should try their hand at everything 'cuz "frankly my dear", you never know. ;)